Team Training Improves Your ROI
Team Training Improves Your ROI
Michael's Gourmet Food Services Serving Food Service Knowledge Your Consulting Template for Business Operations
Michael's Gourmet Food ServicesServing Food Service KnowledgeYour Consulting Template for Business Operations


         At MGFS we plan to bring the latest and best data to you when it’s available to help keep you up to date and in the game. Our Resource Center gives you access to a wide variety of websites relative to food service in general and restaurants in specific. We will continually update and modify it as venues change.





WWW.USDA.GOV                          Department of Agriculture

WWW.FDA.GOV                             Food and Drug Administration

WWW.HHS.GOV                             Department of Health and Human Services

WWW.DOL.GOV                             Department of Labor

WWW.COMMERCE.GOV             Department of Commerce

WWW.BEA.GOV                             Bureau of Economic Analysis

WWW.EPA.GOV                             Environmental Protection Agency

WWW.FSIS.USDA.GOV                Food Safety and Inspection Service

WWW.OSHA.GOV                          Occupational Safety and Health Administration

WWW.ATF.GOV                             Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

WWW.IRS.GOV                              Internal Revenue service

WWW.FOODSAFETY.COM         Foodsafety

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Chorizo, Spain’s ubiquitous sausage is usually made of chopped pork, sweet or hot paprika, crushed red peppers and garlic. It is available in two forms: a soft variety made for cooking and a cured, hard variety that is sliced and served as a tapas. Spanish Chorizo differs significantly from the plumper, juicier, Mexican Chorizo, which is made of freshly ground pork, and a chili spice blend, and the Portuguese Chourico, which contains less paprika and more garlic and includes wine. In America, Spanish Chorizo is popular in areas with a large Hispanic population. It has caught the attention of top chefs and often is used as a bold flavor counterpoint, especially in fusion cuisine.


Kitchen cooking TIPS AND TRICKS

  1. Use a chef’s knife (with a triangular blade) in a rocking motion, pivoting the handle end up and down without lifting the point of the knife from the board.

  2. Use a slight sawing motion when you slice. Your knife will feel sharper.

  3. Serrated knives should be long, so you can get a good sawing motion without crushing.

  4. Whenever possible, cut away from you not toward you.

  5. Always curl in the fingertips of the hand holding the food, like claws. This not only protects your fingertips, but allows you to use your knuckles as a cutting guide.

  6. For precision, use the index finger sitting on the food to align the knife. Keep the side of the blade lightly in contact with the front edge of your index finger as you make each cut.

  7. If you are cutting on a diagonal, move your fingers on a diagonal also.

  8. When chopping with a cleaver move your arm not your wrist, you’ll have more force.


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