Team Training Improves Your ROI
Team Training Improves Your ROI
Michael's Gourmet Food Services Serving Food Service Knowledge Your Consulting Template for Business Operations
Michael's Gourmet Food ServicesServing Food Service KnowledgeYour Consulting Template for Business Operations

Your  Consulting Template for Business Operations

Serving Food Service Knowledge


Michael’s Gourmet Food Services is a Limited Liability Corporation specializing in restaurant and hospitality consulting and dedicated to bringing the most up to date information, knowledge and data to restaurateurs, food service operators, and the hospitality management industry. By disseminating our informational database and using our proprietary business template solutions; restaurateurs, managers, students, and the general food service working public can increase their skill sets, wage opportunities and ascend the managerial ladder.  By using our multiple revenue stream business solutions templates and consulting guidelines we can reduce time to open, decrease production costs, increase individual and team sales and make a noticeable impact on your bottom line and thus your return on equity.

At MGFS we have created a  business template for a multi-divisional restaurant establishment. Our intention is to bring this knowledge to the hospitality industry and the general public at  minimal cost with maximum detail, and include interesting facts along the way.

As consultants we use federal and state governing bodies as well as respected companies and academia for areas of accounting, sanitation, production and sales. We believe that all hospitality employees should have the opportunity to understand how a food service business works at the operational level and gain an advantage to use that knowledge to benefit the company and their selves.

Our goal relies on our ability to help the company and the team members become successful. Our primary focus is in analyzing, training and implementing the detailed aspects of cost controls, food creation, production and team sales. We do this through a series of steps, evaluations and incentives to keep each team member engaged and aggressive in pursuing their upward career path. We will continue to add additional research and resources so that your employees have access to an expanded database of measures to help everyone succeed!


 To Deliver Value and Trust Between the Client, Customer and Team using Precise Details for Operations, Ambiance and the Food Creation Experience



Opening and running a restaurant is one of the most rewarding businesses to be in! Creating tasty food and drink items and having people tell you how good they are or how great the service was is so personally gratifying. You really must have a passion for the food and people to succeed! Building a team of highly motivated and productive members all working as one unit and having a system to perpetuate this is one definition of success. Walking into your own restaurant and knowing you’re going to make money that day and people are going to be satisfied with your hard work is the pinnacle or individual self worth. Challenge Yourself! Let Us Help You, Let The Journey Begin!!!


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Chorizo, Spain’s ubiquitous sausage is usually made of chopped pork, sweet or hot paprika, crushed red peppers and garlic. It is available in two forms: a soft variety made for cooking and a cured, hard variety that is sliced and served as a tapas. Spanish Chorizo differs significantly from the plumper, juicier, Mexican Chorizo, which is made of freshly ground pork, and a chili spice blend, and the Portuguese Chourico, which contains less paprika and more garlic and includes wine. In America, Spanish Chorizo is popular in areas with a large Hispanic population. It has caught the attention of top chefs and often is used as a bold flavor counterpoint, especially in fusion cuisine.


Kitchen cooking TIPS AND TRICKS

  1. Use a chef’s knife (with a triangular blade) in a rocking motion, pivoting the handle end up and down without lifting the point of the knife from the board.

  2. Use a slight sawing motion when you slice. Your knife will feel sharper.

  3. Serrated knives should be long, so you can get a good sawing motion without crushing.

  4. Whenever possible, cut away from you not toward you.

  5. Always curl in the fingertips of the hand holding the food, like claws. This not only protects your fingertips, but allows you to use your knuckles as a cutting guide.

  6. For precision, use the index finger sitting on the food to align the knife. Keep the side of the blade lightly in contact with the front edge of your index finger as you make each cut.

  7. If you are cutting on a diagonal, move your fingers on a diagonal also.

  8. When chopping with a cleaver move your arm not your wrist, you’ll have more force.


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