Team Training Improves Your ROI
Team Training Improves Your ROI
Michael's Gourmet Consulting Services
Michael's Gourmet Consulting Services

Corporate Planning and Management


Our consulting methods of service revolve around our proprietary business operations template (MGFS Master) which focuses on evaluation and analysis, creating operational options, delivering data, hands on training, and implementation of that training. Each step starts your team members along the path of understanding how the food operation works, with each step building on the previous steps. We use proprietary spreadsheets and documents that will be customized to your specific business operations. This includes identifying, training and creating highly effective professionals who have an unyielding ambitious desire to bring the absolute best food products and service to our local area communities.

Every employee can be trained to think like a manager. Their preparation and upward escalation through the training system puts them on the path toward ownership and thus benefits the company as a unit and them as an individual. It shows that the company is dedicated to making them smarter workers so they can help the company become stronger and more profitable.           




  • Business Planning

          Business Decisions

          Financials Documents

          Long Range Operational Planning

          Strategic Goal Setting

  • Business Structures

          Structure Types

          Writing a Business Plan and a Financial Proposal

  • Business Regulations and Legal Requirments

          Federal and State Agency Requirements

          Health Deartment / Sanitation

          Fire Department Permits and Suppression

          Zoning and Building Permits

  • The Filing Procedure

          Step by Step Procedure for filing company title, permits,  

   licenses, inspections etc., to reduce time to open.



  • Relevant Government Information

Informative data for financial statements and supporting documents, the history, acts of legislature and agency responsibilities.


  • Creating Financial and Operational Management Standard Operating Procedures

Procedures set up according to SEC, The Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board and GAAP. Procedures include resource data from OSHA, the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants, QuickBooks and the Accounting Coach.


  • Financial Training

            Introduction to Financials Master

            Daily Administrative Controls


  • Financial Accounting

Financial Statements

            Financial Subsystems


  • Managerial and Analytical Operational Accounting

             Budget Deviation Analysis

             Food Procurement and Production Analysis

             Preopening Menu Analysis

             Labor Costs and Scheduling

             Sales Analysis and Forecasting

             Determining Costs to Sales

             Miscellaneous Cost Benefits Analysis




  • Back of the House

          Food Cost and Controls

          Inventory Costs and Controls

          Kitchen Management Operations Master

          Labor Costs and Controls

          Master Menus and Master Recipes                      


  • Front of the House

          Bar Management Operations

          Management Training for Alcoholic Beverages

          Floor Operations and Controls


  • Business Divisions



          Home Meal Replacement and Fresh Gourmet Foods

          Online and Novelty Retail


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The undisputed king of cheese is said to have originated in the province of Reggio Emilia, south of the Po Valley. The area was formally under the rule of the Dukedom of Parma which was the main trading center, hence its name. It was called the “Great Cheese of Seven Countries” because the ancient formula remained unchanged throughout the 700 years of history which altered the face of continents.  Records dating back to 1200 to 1300AD describe the characteristics of Parmigiano Reggiano as they are today and it is assumed that the real origins of the cheese go back even further as written by early Latin writers. It is a cheese best known around the world in its grated form - Parmesan; but in early maturity it is a fine table cheese said to have medicinal purposes.

            It is produced from the 1st of April to the 11th of November in large drums weighing 52 to 97 pounds, the average between 72 and 79 lbs. with a height of 7 to 9½ inches, and a circumference of 28 to 36 inches. It is made with unpasteurized but tested milk of morning and evening milking in the “zona tipica” of Bologna, Mantua, Modena, Parma, and Reggio Emilia, where the soil, climate, vegetation, fodder and cattle rearing traditions has influenced its flavor and quality over the centuries. 



Kitchen cooking TIPS AND TRICKS


A microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves that bounce off the surfaces and into the food to heat it. The microwaves penetrate the food from ¾ to 1 inch, causing the water molecules to vibrate producing friction and thus heat. Microwaved foods cook from the inside out.

  • After water, fat absorbs microwaves the best.

  • Arrange the food in a circle for even cooking. Favor the edge of the rotary tray, more waves reach there than in the center.

  • Use round dishes, square dishes overcook food at the corners.

  • Cover the food to reduce cooking time, but leave a place for steam to vent.

  • Use clear glass to watch the food cooking, not all plastics are microwaveable and metal causes electrical arcing.

  • Salted foods heat faster.

  • The Microwave does best with vegetables, then seafood, then chicken, then meat.

  • Never run the microwave empty, this will damage it.


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